My Sweet Valentine

Fashion, Outfits, Style


I’m somewhat of a romantic so I consider Valentine’s Day one of my most favorite holidays. I don’t know if it’s all the love in the air or all the different shades of pink, but there’s just something to it that I really like. I’m past the days of getting free candy at school with those sort of cheesy cards, but I still enjoy having a secret stash of V-Day chocolates.



This soft pink halter dress is absolutely stunning up close. It had to be altered a bit to fit me (shout out to my mom!) and I wore it for my last middle school dance. The soft almost pastel color of the dress compliments my tan skin very nicely. Usually I tend to shy away from this shade, but I was pleasantly surprised. This dress actually made me rethink my views on pastel pinks.




You won’t believe it, but these nude strappy wedges are over a decade old. They initially belonged to my mom, but they’ve pretty much been worn for all important occasions by my sisters: graduations, formals, weddings. My mom doesn’t remember exactly where she bought them so I’ve linked a few similar ones below.



Soft Pink Halter Dress – Azkara (Old) – Similar HERE and HERE // Nude Strappy Wedges – (Old) – Similar HERE and HERE and HERE

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