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Spring can’t come soon enough for me. If you couldn’t tell from my previous post, I absolutely adore spring. Summers for me are blistering hot days filled with heat waves and a general sense of discomfort. But spring … spring is magical. It’s when I can still wear some pieces from my winter wardrobe on some days and maxi dresses on other days. I just love all the skirts and dresses spring entails.

Also, I love the bright colors spring brings. I’m someone who tries to get away with a brighter color wheel during winter since we live in a warmer area year round. I adore shades of pink and soft blues for the spring time. There are some prints (floral or brightly patterned) that are my all time must haves for spring.



I’m a short girl (5’2″ to be exact) and I love a good heel. But there are days when I know I’ll be on my feet all day and there’s no way I would willingly wear a three inch heel on those days. I love wearing a cute pair of flats like these ones when I know I have a lot of errands to do. These shoes are so comfy and I love the rockstud details. These flats are a knockoff of a very famous brand and I paid a little over ten bucks for them (such a steal)!



This blouse is so versatile. I last wore it on Valentine’s Day and featured it in XOXO. I paired it with a printed pant for a more work appropriate outfit. The very soft pastel pink brings a softer effect to the entire look. I love pairing this top with different bottoms and especially with different pieces of jewelry. It’s become a staple in my outfit as a basic pieces.

Soft Pastel Pink Blouse – A’GACI (Old) – Similar HERE // Patterned Pants – A’GACI // Black Stud Flats – A’GACI (Old) – Similar HERE and Exact HERE // Cross Necklace – Macy’s (Old) – Similar HERE and HERE


Discover, Fashion, Outfits, Style


As someone who grew up with an entire closet of pink, I loved dressing up for Valentine’s day. Since I’m in my mid twenties now, I made a Valentine’s day inspired work outfit. This pencil skirt is super comfortable and completely work appropriate along with the soft pastel pink blouse.



Today is the day after Valentine’s day. And after my usual V-Day plans of watching Love Actually (my number one movie of all time), I am more than ready for Feb 15th. This day is more of a favorite for me now than Valentine’s day because you know.. half off chocolates!




Not going to lie, but these are the tallest heels I own. However, they’re not the most uncomfortable heels I own. The stiletto heel is a bit difficult to walk on, but the double straps really give an extra level of support.



Pink Pastel Blouse – A’GACI (Old) – Similar HERE // Pink Striped Pencil Skirt – A’GACI (Old) – Similar HERE and HERE and HERE // Maroon Rockstud Heels – A’GACI (Old) – Similar HERE // Rose Gold Heart Necklace – Swarovski (Old) – Similar HERE and HERE